How Motherhood Has Changed Me

Arjun 1 days old with mom

*I wearily open my eyes and scramble my phone to see the time: 8:40 am. I push the phone under my pillow and sleep again.*

Fast forwarding to present day.

*Patting on my head, “mumma, mumma”, I’m woken up with the sweet call of my baby. I find my phone under my pillow: 6:30. And my day begins.”

This. And a million and one things that have changed in the past 18 (+9) months.

My Diet

Well, my husband and I love eating and love eating out and experimenting with food. Or rather, we loved to do that, now that’s on a pause for now. We look for healthier places to eat.

The Contents of my Handbag

Earlier, one would find at least 3-4 lipsticks, kajal and a pair of hoops in my bag. Now, the lipsticks have been replaced with food, snacks, water, an extra set of clothes for the kid and me and diapering essentials.

Honestly, I don’t mind leaving my bag around, I’m sure the burglar will come and return my bag to me looking at its contents.


Before we conceived our child, one would never find us at home, we would be out of the house for a movie, a friend’s place, just anything. And that would keep us happy.

Now, we are happy to sit at home, go to parks and indoor play areas, anywhere that keeps him happy. Things have taken a slower pace, it took a little adjusting to, but it’s a very welcome change.

A confession, we haven’t gone for a movie since we’ve had him because we don’t want to trouble other movie goers ๐Ÿ™‚

Check on being Judgemental

I used to be one of those travellers who dreaded a child sitting in a 3 row radius, of course I feel terribly guilty about it today. But motherhood has made me a much, much more compassionate person. I don’t judge people in general, and specially not parents and moms.

Sleep? What’s that?

Sleep woes are synonymous to almost every mother I know, there are of course some rare, few lucky moms whose kids start sleeping through the night earlier than others, for moms like me, we still don’t sleep through the night

We become (half) Doctors in our own Right

Any mom would know when to administer what medicine when and what dosage. We still run to the doc though, just to get a confirmation for our kids.

…and the list is endless

I’ve become a big deal hunter to make sure I get the best at the best price for my kid, an interior designer in my own small way, a nutritionist, just a jack of all trades and a master at loving my baby!

Motherhood changes us so much. We learn to do everything and work our way around things just to keep our little ones on top priority ๐Ÿ™‚

This post is a part of the blog train- 2 started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies where she has brought together mothers from across the globe. Do read her blog post on How Motherhood has changed me โ€“ยย and more on the blog train here.

I want to thank Disha of HashtagDishaย for introducing me, read how Motherhood changed her,ย here.

Hop over to the lovely Haajra’s page tomorrow to know about her journey, here.


  1. I love loved this post!!!!!! Loved how you begun this post and the wit! I really enjoyed the flow of this post! I think one favorites so far in the blog train ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ


  2. Lovely write up. I can totally relate to the morning alarm scenario. My little one wAkes me up everyday at 6 30. If I am too lazy to get up she literally forcefully opens my eye.


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