Dealing with Postpartum Weight and the New You

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As happy as I was while I was gaining weight during the pregnancy, eating healthy, eating right, I still did manage to gain a whopping 20 kgs, and post delivery, that only came down by around 6 kgs. It took me a year to get my weight down to my pre-pregnancy days.

I was barely 10 days postpartum when I started getting tips, suggestions and shared articles on how I’m supposed to “lose my fat”. Thankfully, as much as that saddened me, I didn’t let it affect me.

So lets get some things straight:

  • It is as important for a new mother to eat, as it was when she was still an expectant mother.
  • You need to replenish what’s gone from your body during the pregnancy, AND if you’re going to be a feeding mother, all the more reason for you to eat healthy and more importantly, EAT,
  • Give your body some relaxation and recovery time, don’t jump into exercising right away. Doctors usually suggest 6 weeks/ 40 days confinement period.
  • Please, please, please, do take those massages, I did not, and I regret it.
  • It took 9 months for your body to become the way it is, give it at least a year (we all know things move at snail speed once we start looking after our kids) to even start worrying about your weight or how your body has changed.
  • Eating right and balancing it with correct exercise is equally important.
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As for your diet:

  • Eat nuts when you feel like munching on something.
  • There are lots of healthy options like kale chips, quinoa chips and the likes that are available these days.
  • Eat lots of fruits.
  • Try eating dalia (broken wheat) either with milk or a savory version with veggies. (It is known to increase milk supply)
  • Eat Ghee. Its yummy and it’s healthy. The importance of ghee has been stressed enough number of times, so I won’t bore you with that.
  • Eat regularly, smaller meals at regular intervals. Helps with healthy working of your system, keeps metabolism up, and it does help in losing weight in the long run.
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Go out for a walk when you can, the fresh air will be a welcome breather for you and keep you fit :).

This is what worked for me, I’m not a dietician, so if you have any medical concern that needs to be addressed, please do consult a dietician as your tiny baby’s health is dependent on you.

Also, very importantly, please, DO NOT let anyone make you feel bad about how you look. Just look at that tiny little squish that you’ve created. Yeah, no one else did that, and it’s a pretty awesome achievement. So keep munching, be healthy, be happy.

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  1. These are great tips but I can assure you that after reaching my pre pregnancy weight within a year of both babies, today I’m back to my post party weight and more 35 years later . The point I’m making is that weight control is a lifelong process

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  2. Even though I lost almost all weight post pregnancy in first few months , but tummy is something that is a concern . Do I have started yoga for one our in the morning , 15 minutes cycling in the evening and half an hour walk after dinner. To be honest I can’t control my diet .I eat whatever I crave for 🙂 it’s a slow process but works for me 🙂

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    • I’m on the same track as you, since we are in a nuclear setup, and I handle my baby alone, I haven’t been able to start exercising regularly. So I look fine otherwise, but the tummy needs work


  3. Mother to a toddler and still trying to lose the last 5 kgs . Being a food blogger doesn’t help either! I had a very fit pregnancy did pregnancy yoga and also walked right till the day I delivered , but post that time management and the cravings for chips n chocolate is too much . Inching my way back though. Thanks for the tips.

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  4. Loved going through your post and completely agree (I have also written my experiences on the same subject) that its taken us 9 months to reach here and we can’t get back to where we were in few days or months. Moreover becoming a mom changes our life completely – physically and emotionally. So we should love ourselves and more importantly accept the new us and try to stay healthy.

    Neha (Sharingourexperiences)

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