TV Shows I Miss: The 90’s Kid

With each passing year, the shows on TV just keep getting worse. I’m mostly talking about Hindi TV series, which tend to go on for years and years, with no story, gaudily dressed women, guys with fuschia pink lips, regressive, and yet they’re loved.

I really miss the kind of shows we watched while growing up, even cartoons. I’ve seen my nieces enjoying Doraemon, and it appalls me. Though there are some good ones that are coming up now, like Little Einstein.

Here’s my list of the kind of happy, calming and funny shows I miss.

  • Full House

Full house
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D.J., Stephanie and Michelle had the sweetest father and Uncles growing up. Just a happy environment at home to grow in. It had its funny moments, the growing up, the struggles each of them faced in this setup. It was simple, and helped you unwind.

  • Diff’rent Strokes

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It was about Mr. Drummond, a white guy adopting 2 African boys, Arnold and Willis Jackson, because their mother had passed away and was an employee of Mr. Drummond. Arnold had the cutest catchphrase, “What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”.

  • Small Wonder

small wonder
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Well, we did have a hindi version of this one (Karishma ka Karishma), but it wasn’t half as good. Jamie, Vicki and Harriet were kids we saw growing up. Thankfully, we got to watch this in English.

  • Dekh Bhai Dekh

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The show was about the quirky and loving Diwan family, living in the suburbs of Mumbai, then Bombay. The show has the feel that “Bombay” gives. It revolved around their relationships, love and problems.

  • Hip Hip Hurray

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Based on the lives of students studying in the 12th grade of DeNobili High, and their fears, love, relationships, careers, health, exams. It gave high school goals to kids that age.

  • Just Mohabbat

just mohabbat
Image Source: Google

About Jai, who lived in a boarding school in Dehradun away from his parents, and gets expelled and returns to Bombay to his parents (can’t really remember why). But it was cute, how kids get naughty, and just how curious they can get and how it gets the better of them.

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    • I guess we all miss quality content on the TV. Out of the current shows, I personally love GoT, but even that’s a lot of violence, tenses me up no end. Any current favorites for you?


  1. I loved different strokes, small wonder , hip hip hurray. Just Mohabbat started getting corny over time. I also loved the Hindi versions of I Dream of Jeannie,Bewitched which used to be telecast on Sony. How I miss these shows

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  2. Haven’t watched the Hindi shows mentioned here. I terribly miss Small Wonder and I Dream of Jeannie. These two were like amazing… I remember watching Shaka Laka Boom Boom too. Another one I greatly miss is the Disney hour at Sony airing Duck Tales n Talespin, just loved Lui, Dui, Hui, n of course, Scrooge McDuck.
    Thanks for reminding me of my childhood. loved it. Cheers!

    Live It Young

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  3. I have started blog series as 90s Kidโ€™s Superstars and you have written about shows in 90s. It interested me to the post. It is a good mix of English and hindi shows. Though I have seen most of them but they look very fun shows with your description.

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