Preparing our Babies for War

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Yes, you read that right, I’m talking about preparing our tiny little kids for war. I’ve not been able to take out the story of a little 7 year old from a reputed international school, out of my head. Just thinking about the immeasurable pain the parents must be going through, is just earth shattering.

I could’ve never imagined that a place like school, which was always our safe haven after home could have an incident like this. And mind you, this isn’t the only one. There have been so many instances being reported from all over the country, that it make you completely numb.

It is the importance of good touch and bad touch that came to me. Honestly, to me, being a mom to a baby boy, thought I could probably take an extra few months, talk about it a little later, but no, that doesn’t seem likely. I’ll have to start preparing him as soon he starts conversing, understanding a little more.

We need to give our kids the confidence to come and talk to us about anything and everything, give them the surety that they will be heard. Also, it should be a must for schools to have a Psychologist/ Counsellor on board.

Our culture is very hush-hush about such topics, but when the predators are roaming around freely in supposed safe havens, parents, teachers and everyone need to be educative towards such a topic, and keep a vigilant and watchful eye on our kids to make sure they don’t fall into the trap of such sick beasts. Again, things are changing, schools do have psychologists on board, but it comes as a “star attraction” to the school, as a luxury, but going by how things are going these days, all these things should be considered basic hygiene.

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