Adulting after a Baby

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Our Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of memes of the before and after of a baby. All the joys that they bring in our lives (along with all the aftermath) on one side, we all do miss our life, all the peace and sleep. How we miss our outings, reading a book at a stretch or having that one cup of tea in peace, well, the list is endless.

Here’s how we have tried to somewhat strike a balance in our lives:-

  • Understanding the Situation

When we accept what can work for us and what doesn’t work for us, we can be a bit more composed, and can plan out a solution to the baby and you, by you, I mean both the parents. You as a parent would know your child’s pattern and schedule, so try working around that. Of course outings aren’t going to be the same as before, you’ll have to be prepared with a lot of stuff for the baby, the baby might get cranky at a very crucial time, but it’s nothing that can’t be handled.

  • Invest in Baby Gear

Invest in a good ergonomic baby carrier (To name a few, Soul slings, Kol Kol Carriers, Anmol Baby Carriers) as well as in a sturdy car seat. I’ll be honest, I’ve driven the length and breadth of the city to get my work and a lot of the times, even my husband’s work done. All because my baby was safely strapped on to the seat. Not only is it a functional boon, it is extremely essential for your baby’s safety.

  • Start believing in Time Trading

Well, if you’re lucky to have family staying with you, it’ll make your life simpler, but if you’re in a nuclear setup like us, you’ll need your tribe around. Ask your friends to come over to babysit your baby when he or she is asleep. You as parents would know when your baby wakes up during the night.

Go out, step out for a drink or even a coffee. Getting to sip onto your liquid and getting some baby free time is therapeutic at times. And very importantly, don’t feel guilty about it, you need your time once in a while.

But yes, try being in a more accessible area so that it’s easy for you to return home if the baby wakes up. He or she may be comfortable with your friends, but he’ll want to see you if he wakes up in the middle of his sleep.

And do the same for your friends, spread the love 🙂

  • Have a “Time-out Time” for Yourself too

A lot of people tell me “sleep when the baby sleeps’, well, I blog, paint, bake, catch up on my series, try a DIY, or just go through some YouTube videos most of the times, and sometimes, I do sleep.

Sleep is important, YES! but it’s important to unwind as well. Give yourself that time, let the creative juices flow, do what you love. It’s imperative to give yourself that time-out.

Let me know if this helped you, and also, what you do to take some time-out to do your thing?

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  1. Sonia you have spoken almost all of my mind about getting a life even after kids. After everyone in the house has retired for their sleep I often spend atleast 30 minutes with my ownself watching TV, reading or eating stuff which I wouldn’t be able to do with kids awake and around. It helps me unwind and keep my sanity. I call it my ‘Mombie’ time

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