Why does “He” have a “Pink” glass?


I’m the mother of an adorable, hyperactive 16 month young boy. He goes into all the nooks and crannies of the house, climbs on to the sofas and chairs, and what I’m told by everyone is, “he’s a boy and that’s what boys do, get used to it”.

He is now being trained to use a tumbler instead of his sippy cup or straw cup that he adored. The tumbler in question is pink, and very obviously, I’m asked “why does he have a pink glass?”.

My point here being, do we confine our children to choices and behaviours that we deem fit for their gender? I think the answer is yes, though we probably do it unknowingly, but we do. My parenting choices are questioned time and again, because hey, my baby is just 16 months old, and I’m just a 16 month young mother. Why show them the world limited by the blinkers that our perceptions form? Do we let misbehavior or demureness become a part of our child’s personality and glorify it?

The answer lies in us looking at a gender neutral parenting approach. Let a boy wear a floral shirt or a girl play with cars, let their young minds get inspired by all that is around them, let them fly and soar, and let them make their own choices, maybe sometimes that’ll need guidance, but that will also be a learning.

Don’t mistake me for saying that let them run loose, I’m just saying to let them be free, learn to do what they like or think what they like, let them experiment, make their own choices, stumble, fall and learn to rise again.

Let’s not limit their world to pink or blue, to cars or dolls or anything that is supposed to be a part of what their gender should like. Letting them find their own space to ultimately carve a niche for themselves will not happen on one fine day, it is a slow, time-taking process, whose roots lie in what we do now, let them fly!

Let us try doing best for the responsibility bestowed upon us to be parents and keep our children above everything else any of the Sharma Ji’s, Gupta Ji’s or any other Ji’s say.

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    • Upasna, I think things are changing slowly, but steadily.. it may take another generation or two to actually take form.. and you’re right, we need to work together to make a difference 🙂


  1. “Why pink for a boy baby?” is something so very common even these days. Not right, but yes, many parents are now trying to move away from those stereotypes. It’s a start. Society cannot change like a flood, I guess.


    • Absolutely Vinay, there’s a start, a lot of parents are thinking on these lines, but there are a lot more who still think of the blue and pink of genders.. I’ve been through it staying in a metro.. anyhow, a start is what is important


  2. Having a gender neutral approach to parenting does start with the basics of doing away with the ‘Pink or Blue’. If people are able to start small, maybe one day we could start moving closer to having equal rights for women as men.

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  3. At a fair , a child was stuck on a pink bag and the dad was embarrassed explaining to him he can’t have pink bag. It’s for girls he said. I swear I would have picked an argument on that if not my friend dragging me away. I felt bad for the kid though. Such conscious correction in yourself is must. Good to see the pink tumbler !

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