Being Travel Happy with a Toddler

Abbey Falls at Madikeri, Coorg

Before we had our baby, I used to be one of those travellers who would be sh*t scared if I saw a kid within 5 rows of my seat, the reason of course being the cries, running around and the parents not saying anything to the kid, kids pulling my hair from on top of my seat, and again, parents not saying anything to their kid. Well, karma has the funniest ways of getting back at us. We are blessed with an enthusiastic, energetic kid, who made me realise that I should be cutting people some slack, especially parents 🙂

So after some 9 places in the last 10 months, 4 airplane rides, 2 train rides, and mostly roadtripping with the baby, I have put together some ideas to make the travel as easy as possible on the baby, parents and co-travellers.

  • Happy Tummy calls for a Happy Baby

Keeping the tummy full helps in minimizing the rumbling and grumbling of the baby. Carry milk, fruits, savory snacks, or anything else that your child likes to eat.

  • Let your Baby Tire Out

Let your baby run around as much as possible to expend that energy before you travel. Probably not at the railway station, but if you’re flying out, let them run around the airport, and start soothing them before you start boarding.

  • Time your Travel to their Schedule

If you intend of flying internationally, the flights are usually at night, if not, then preferably look for a night flight because your child will doze off for longer. For domestic travel, look at a flight which matches with their nap time. As for road trips, leave early, not only will it give you a headstart with the traffic, your baby will doze off faster, sleep longer, and you can take that break when they wake up.

Tip: Carry the snuggly they usually use at home for a more secure feeling.

  • Beef up your Ipad or Phone to their favorite Melodies

As much as I avoid giving my 16 month young baby any of the screens, it’s a total boon while traveling. Thanks to YouTube’s download and save feature, we’ve been able to play and show tunes that calm our baby down. To the extent that we roadtripp’d for 9 hours with his rhymes on loop, which literally fried our brains by the end of it, but hey, the kid was happy!

  • Keep Toys and Activities Handy and Planned

As much as our child likes to play with pots and pans at home, he likes his toys outside the house. So carry some toys, and if your baby is old enough to enjoy some cuddled up reading or drawing time with his favorites in the world, carry some of that with you.

  • Dress Appropriately

Dressing is an important factor in keeping the child happy. Keep in mind the mode of travel, flight, trains or car. And where you’ll be going, i.e. your destination because once you get out of your flight, train or car, which has controlled temperatures, the outside temperature can upset your baby.

Hope this list helps you and your baby for a safe, happy and pleasurable travels!

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    • It’s different and of course not as seamless as it used to be before the baby, but you must when you get the chance, it’s great exposure for the baby and parents also need a break


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