Product Review: Soul Linen Meh Dai


Soul Meh Dai 4

When the team from Soul Slings approached me to host and review their slings, I readily took up the opportunity. I was sent the linen meh dai in “Frozen in Black Chambray- Linen” Meh Dai.

To start off, it first looked like a body panel with very long rails, and I didn’t know where to start. I began with tying the lower rails around my waist, and yes, they were long for me, so I later tied them in the front, once I was done wrapping my baby.

Once I was done placing my baby in the front panel, adjusting the shoulders, and wrapping both the rails around him, it really felt like a second skin.

The fabric, is of course, extremely breathable. One such occasion where I wore it, I had gone out to the market, in this brutal Delhi heat, bub and I were really comfortable for about an hour and a half, and then, my toddler being a toddler, wanted to run around.

The trick lies in spreading the rails well on your back, and making a good seat for the baby (knee-to-knee).

Largely noting the pros:

  • Very breathable fabric
  • Doesn’t make you and your baby feel sweaty even on the hottest days
  • Good support
  • Feels weightless on the body
  • The colours are very soothing and pleasing to the eyes in summers
  • Very easy to do back carry and side carry, no/ least help required
  • Will fit any body type

Coming to the cons bit:

  • Takes slightly longer to wrap, in comparison to a buckled carrier.
  • Gets difficult to wrap the baby when he’s in an agitated state.
  • May take you a few tries to get a hang of what kind of wrapping works for you, with the spreading of the rails, or shoulders, basically whatever rocks your boat


Soul Meh Dai 3

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