5 Things My Baby Has Taught Me in the Last One Year

As I sit here today thinking of the last year and how my life has changed after the birth of my baby, actually another 2 weeks to go for his birthday, my life has changed for the better- even with all the limitations that come along with motherhood.
Here are what I take to be the biggest changes in my life:

  •  The Value of Sleep

Oh sleep, you sweet, sweet thing, I’m sorry I took you for granted.

Well, when I was still pregnant, my sister’s would tell me sleep as much as you can, cover up for the coming months ahead, and I would tell them they were being crazy. Well, no guesses on who’s having the last (read sadistic) laugh now.

  • The Value of Time

So, 5 minutes are now counted as 300 seconds, no, seriously, I never knew I could manage so much with in 20 minutes, right from bathing to getting the house tidy, when the baby sleeps.

  • A more Logical Approach towards things

When it comes to thinking of things in interest of the child, you tend to forget social norms if they don’t hold much relevance to them. Hats off to my friends who have done everything the elders have said. Just that I think a little differently, I’ll only do a certain something only if it suits the baby.

I prefer to read on things and then make decisions, no one is saying what the elders say has to be disregarded, but this also needs to be understood that certain traditions were made years and years ago, which may have held more significance and practicality at the time they were made and probably not now.

The intention is not to hurt anyone but to keep the baby at priority because as his mother I am supposed to take care of his needs, wants and security.

  • Being more Compassionate

Honestly, till the time I wasn’t a parent, I would judge people who would bring kids along to restaurants and theatres, and I feel terribly guilty now.

I’ve come to the realisation that everyone needs some time off, and I have consciously tried to bring down my judginess to the least and be more compassionate.

  • The Importance of Me Time

I never thought going to the parlor would be a luxury, or going out just to buy some medicine would take so much planning and would be considered as an outing.

Point being, motherhood is a 24/7 job and to keep sanity intact, and to give my baby the best, even I need some timeout. This is where my husband steps in, we try doing things together, he tries to help wherever he can. I recently went out for a couple of hours with my other mommy friend while my husband took care of the baby.

It’s important to give yourself time as well.

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