Product Review : Soft Souls

Soft soul, as the name suggests, are super soft, comfy little baby shoes that are the cutest thing that I’ve seen. I wish they made my size as well 😉

Well actually, on a serious note (yeah, we’re serious people who mean business), they are perfect in every sense. Be it the cut, the grip, the comfort and this I need to give you serious credit for – the ability to stay on my baby’s feet!

For those of you, who don’t know – my baby is always sock-less on his left foot, if not both, these stay on my baby’s foot the whole time – from the time I make him wear his shoes till the time I take them off. Plus, I know he is comfortable, which is why he doesn’t resist them so much – the others turned out to be a waste of money.

These are my go to shoes when I know I can’t have little cubby be without shoes like when he’s in the park or exploring the balcony.

The sole of the shoes is made of soft, faux seude, which are not only soft and gentle on the baby’s soles, but fit like yin and yang between the hard ground and baby’s soles.

They introduced the linen variant after I had bought these, but who knows I may end up buying a second pair too 😀

Please excuse the hazy picture, this is the best I could get my son to stand still to let me click.

Price: 800 INR for both, linen and jacquard

Overall Rating : 5*


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