Off-Beat Newborn Gifts

gift ideas

Of late a lot of my friends have had babies, and I’ve been left thinking hard on what to give them that will not be a repeat present for them.

Also, I try taking some small gift for the new mother as well, making someone feel a bit special never hurt anyone, specially when they’ve done a lot of hard work 🙂

So here are the gifts that I gave, or now intend on giving in the future :

  • A Consult with a Babywearing Educator

All of us who are babywearing mothers know the value and perks of wearing our babies. I got to know about it when my cubster was 8 months, and how I wish I knew about it earlier because he wanted to be carried along all the time as an infant.

Anyhow, there are educators as well as sling libraries throughout the country, and some educators give consults over Skype as well.

  • Baby Monitor

baby monitor

As important as they may be for a nuclear setup, it is still not very widely known in India.

I would term it as an essential in a nuclear setup which is becoming more and more common in the current scenario. It really helps me loosen up my nerves a bit with leaving the baby sleeping in the cot.

  • Car Seat

car seat

So, a car seat is super essential in the US, they won’t discharge the baby home if you don’t have a car seat fixed in your car. Also, they’re mandatory till the age of 7, I think.

Even though car seats are becoming more common in India, they’re still not mandatory and people are fine not using it.

I would highly recommend this, because it helps keep the baby safely strapped on in the car, thus making it easier to do car travels

  • An Ergonomic Carrier

ergonomic carrier

There are a lot of options for carriers these days, a ring sling, a full buckle, a meh dai, onbuhimo, wraps, I think I’ve covered them all. They might be a bit expensive than the usual Chicco, Graco, Babyoye, etc. ones, but your friend is going to thank you for life, trust me!

There are Indian brands like Soul, Anmol, Cookiie Pie, Kolkol which are available

  • A Planner Diary


All the new as well as seasoned mothers will agree with me when I say that we become scatter brains once the baby is here, so giving a planner suited to the needs of a mother will help her feel some control in her life.

  • Gift Vouchers

gift voucher

Vouchers may seem unthoughtful and no effort has been made for the new mom and baby, but take my word, they’re super practical in the long run and better than giving cash (I ended up spending all of mine :|)

  • Sophie La Giraffe Teether

sophie la giraffe.jpg

Sophie La Giraffe teether has been deemed the best and safe for the baby in the whole world. It has been made from nature friendly rubber and is scented with vanilla.

  • A Snazzy Diaper Bag

diaper bag

I bought mine from Carter’s and it looks worn out already. I love the ones from babyjalebi, you can check out their Instagram profile for more. They have bags that are convertible from tote bag to back-pack, and come in the cutest prints. 

I am sure there must be other such brands and manufacturers as well, I have only come across babyjalebi so far. 

  • Cloth Diapers

cloth diaper

Cloth diapering and the varieties it has can be a bit daunting in the beginning, have a chat with your friend and ask her if she wants to cloth diaper her baby. Adding a few to the stash will only help her with a hundred other things that she has to spend on.

  • A Photoshoot Session


We all love photos! **bigbeamingsmile**

Gifting a photosession is gifting a lot of memories, a day to feel like the most important person in the world and showing off what you created.

  • A Postnatal Spa Session

postnatal spa

Again, who doesn’t like a spa session 😀

Wellness centers and hospitals with prenatal programs have introduced postnatal spa sessions  specially designed to suit the needs and level of care required for a new mother. Child birth is a super exhausting process, and a new mom would love to use an hour and a half for herself.
So here is my list of some off-beat ideas for a new mom and baby. You have more ideas? Do share with us in the comments section.

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