Product Review: I am a Mom Planner


i am a mom planner 2


Today, the review is for Haajra’s “I am a Mom Planner”, as the title suggests.

Haajra is a Mom to 3 little cubs and has made this planner suited to the needs of a mom to the T.

The planner is thick (approximately 200 pages), paperback and spiral bound to make it easier to fold midway and use. 

The pages are undated which is a huuuuge plus for me, because I have this OCD thing here, I can’t write or rather slash and overwrite the date of an unused date/page.

It helps me align my thoughts and plan for the day, I tend to forget things post delivery (oh, the mighty hormones), and have to run off in the middle of writing so many times to keep my cub away from opening cupboards/ poking his fingers in the wrong place/ putting things from the ground and into his mouth, you get the drift. So it feels almost like a shepherd to me, bringing my thoughts back from where they had wandered.

Each page has majorly got the following heads :

  • Top 3 priorities
  • To buy
  • Events
  • Organizing
  • Notes and
  • The sweetest is a column for what I’m thankful for today


What I found really cute is the doodle corner.

It is available in two variants, Classic and Chic, and are similarly priced.

All in all, makes a very worthy buy.

Price: 800 INR+ shipping as applicable

Shop on:

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