Product Review: Huggies Wet Wipes


I recently experimented with Huggies Wet Wipes for my little cubster.

I had been using MeeMee Wet Wipes since the time cubby was born, and I did try to change the brand sometime in the middle but the other ones weren’t as good.

I used MeeMee primarily because it was amongst the cheaper variants available (Pack of 3 comprising 72 wipes each, would cost me somewhere between 280-310 INR).

But I would end up using 5-8 wipes on a big poop, which made me consider other brands as well.

*Drumrolls* Enter Huggies in the picture!

It comes in a convenient flip top (that I purposely ordered for another activity I intend on setting up for my LO, later on that).

First thing that hits your olfactory nerves is the fragrance, cucumber and aloe vera- like one of the fragrances by Bath and Body works, smells like complete bum heaven!

The wipes are nice and thick, and slightly papery in texture. And it works very well with the cleaning up, for example: for his poop cleaning, usually 2 wipes are sufficient; he likes to walk around without his shoes or socks, so his feet get really dirty in no time, and with just one swipe of the wipe, his feet are sparkly clean.

It has aloe vera and moisturising lotion to not rob the moisture off the skin.

The only drawback that I felt was that the pack of 80 wipes gets a little bulky to carry in the already-overflowing-diaper bag.

Need to look for a smaller quantity variant.

Will I buy it again?


Price Point- MRP at 220 INR, I bought it at 350 INR for a pack of 2 from

Overall Rating- 4/5

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