Happy Women’s Day (?)

I’ve been thinking about what to write for the last few days, but couldn’t come up with something worthwhile.

Anyhow, today being women’s day got my grey cells running- why only one day to celebrate womanhood?

People (and might I add, pretty chauvinistic ones, and not gender specific) are sharing quotes where women are being glorified for their contribution and successes on social media accounts, which genuinely are mere words to them.

Why don’t we celebrate womanhood each day, women are out to take on women at the first given opportunity, be it a working woman with no kids, a stay at home mum or even a successful woman who prefers to remain unmarried because she’s happy being that way.

Honestly, I have myself been guilty of doing these, but I’m now trying to change that, not just because I’m on the other side of things with a baby which makes me empathetic, but also because that’s what I’ll be passing on to my baby boy. A future man, I want him to respect women at all stages in his life and not because he has to do it because I tell him to do it (well, initially, yeah, since he’s new to the world), but also because it has to become a part of his nature to respect women.

So ladies, let’s try making this world a better place for each other, because we are the shapers of the next generation.



  1. I agree. The best way to celebrate women’s day would be to raise boys who respect women, so we no longer have to keep fighting for this basic need.

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  2. i think more than men and society , its us – women who life to play the victim.
    we should demand and start respecting your daily efforts. lets not celebrate women day!
    lets just celebrate ever day and smallest of things we do.

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    • True.. but there is a slow change in how everyone behaves towards women.. more so because we’ve become more verbose about how we feel. Maybe another generation or two for the full effect to happen.


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