The ‘M’ Word

Mom or MBA? I was just thinking to myself what actually goes on in a day’s life of an urban, nuclear family Mom..

The last 9 months have taught me what my MBA or any job couldn’t, as a mother:

# ALWAYS on duty

# Managing a demanding boss, who sometimes doesn’t understand his own demand

# Patience, and LOTS of it

# It is a lot of Team Management, things can’t and couldn’t have worked if my husband hadn’t been of the help that he’s been.

# How much Planning can go into a simple task like leaving the house with a baby

# Disaster management- the potential threats to my baby, the fact that my house looks it’s been tornado-ed half the day, and averting the disaster by sun-down

# Knowing that Timelines are everything!

# Constantly innovating and improvising on what works for my kid and how to keep him engaged (without the iPad, mostly)

# Looking out for sales on baby stuff- God! they’re tiny humans, but can have a shopping bill longer than mine!

# Arranging play dates for him to meet humans his size, who talk his language 🙂

# SALE! The magic word! Its unbelievable how expensive a cloth the size of my hands can be! So planned purchases, store and inventory keeping, so that I remember to use his clothes while they still fit him 😉

#By-the-day updates to his grandparents, who, as much as they would love to, but are unable to be around him all the time

So yeah, lots of finance, human resource, PR and marketing going into bringing him up!


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