Review: Wudplay Cot


So my Little One’s cot is here, though it still needs assembling, which Mr. Hubby and I will get down to in another 2-3 weeks when I’m 36 weeks.

The picture update will come in only then, but until then I thought Wudplay requires a review for their service and promptness.

I ordered the “Pansy (Econo Sliding Rail Crib)- With Mattress“, for which the given timeline was 5 days to ship, and then another 7-10 business days via road transport.

The package actually reached in a total of 6 business days!

The product is made in teak wood, and how they are priced so low is because they operate mainly on online orders, and have only one retail outlet along with their workshop in Hyderabad.

After going through multiple options at various maternity stores and OLX, we decided to go in for Wudplay for the following reasons:

  • The cot comes in 5 height adjustments, where the others mostly come in 3.
  • The mattress is included in the price, with others I would have had to purchase it separately, which meant an additional 5k.
  • The price of the cot itself! (I purchased it at a 10% discount), Mr.Hubby and I don’t believe in overspending on things which we know will not last too long for the baby.
  • It is made in teak wood, whereas the others are made in MDF board or New Zealand Pine Wood, which of course is no match for solid wood.
  • Ease in assembling and dismantling the cot in case we move or change cities, with the other ones we would have had to pack and move the cot as is.
  • Easy customization is available with Wudplay, whereas the ones in the market have no such facility.
  • A lot of cots that I saw which were available at this price, were only cots without the sliding rail, this one is convertible into a toddler bed, and has a sliding rail

I’ll put an update on the assembling process once we get there!

Update : Assembly is super easy, Mr. Husband took 10 minutes. Just need to have the screwing on key handy. 

For the time being, I’m inserting the link:

Wudplay Pansy Cot

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