Mini Haul for Baby and Mom-to-Be


So my nesting instincts have kicked in in full swing!

I just ordered the cot for my Little One.. Ohh how things are finally feeling so real..

I’ve turned to buying most of the stuff online for two reasons:
1. Availability of brands and how compactly they’re available.
2. I really don’t feel like going out these days as I’ve started to tire out really quickly.
3. You can chance upon really great prices and discounts.

I just got received one of the packages where I had ordered 2 sleepsuits for my baby by Carter’s and 2 maternity/nursing gowns for myself from Kriti Creations which is a home brand by Mahindra Retail.

Carter’s, well, the name says it all, the fabric is super-soft, very much like an uber-soft towel. It has a zipper running from top-to-toe and a button flap on top to keep the zipper in place. The attached booties will keep the Little One safe from those nasty mosquitoes.

The baby sleep suits are for 3-6 months. I’m stocking up on both sizes, 0-3 and 3-6 months because one doesn’t how how big the baby is going to be when it’s born and how fast they’ll be outgrowing their size. My niece hardly wore 0-3 months for the first 15 days and then outgrew them!

The maternity gowns are size M, could’ve been a size smaller, but I figured it’s better that they’re airier specially since I’m due April end- May beginning and it’s going to be terribly hot here in Delhi, additionally, I don’t know if it’s going to be a C-section or NVD, so want to keep some space for the stitches either way.

The maternity gown is made in a thick, cotton t-shirt type material and has a convenient cape attached and a zipper under that for discreet feeding.

As for the service by, they were timely,prompt and neatly packaged.

I bought both from





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