Choosing Your Gynecologist

So I’m 29 weeks pregnant and decided to change my Ob/Gyn now because I made the mistake of being a bit short sighted with the choosing.

I realised that the following were really important points that should have been considered when I was looking at finalising my doctor since I was entrusting someone with the lives of my baby and mine.

1. Get as many referrals as possible
It is essential to get different viewpoints about a doctor as possible, though it may confuse you at times as well, it gives you a better go in the long run.

Talk to friends, check out babycenter.

2. Check up on the hospitals your doctor is associated with
It will seem early to get to know about hospital packages for birthing and stay but it is worth it.

Frankly, I decided to change my doctor because she only operates at the super premium hospital of the city.

Try to choose a doctor who is affiliated with 2-3 hospitals at least so as to avoid any last minute changes.

3. Amiability of your Doctor
As much as I liked the frankness of my doctor, she still wasn’t very approachable, which meant I had to think twice before making a call to her, even then actually, I would be calling her assistant.

4. General Openness Towards Daily Dealings
Thankfully, with both the doctors that I’ve chosen, they’ve been open and encouraging towards the day-to-day activities, otherwise some doctors start treating you like a sick body, you’re only pregnant and not sick.

See that your doctor allows you to eat everything and take life as you were leading it before the pregnancy, or it’ll actually start seeming like an ordeal over the 9 month period.

5. Checking up on NVD
If you’re among the people who would want to give themselves the chance for a normal delivery, keep that also in mind while researching about the doctor, whether or not does the doctor encourage NVD.

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